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Finding a licensed agent is extremely easy; selecting a Real Estate Professional you can trust who has the tenure, practical knowledge and insight to create successful results for You is CRITICAL.

Native of The Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, Christian Ngoie brings a hospitable and straight forward approach to the world of Real Estate.

He specializes in home sales, property management consultation and real estate investing.

A graduate from Mercy College in New York where he received BA in business and a Master in Political Science and Public Administration Relations

Christian moved to Orlando, Florida back in 1996 from New York, where he developed a desire in real estate following his father’s footsteps.

His clientele believe in the expertise that he provides, the experience that he takes them through and the enormous benefits they receive from it.

Christian 15 years of corporate experience working with high level executives for international & local companies; combined with 12 years experience as a sales professional and Full Time Realtor are an invaluable asset to all his clients, also fluent in English, Spanish, French and Swahili.
His lengthy list of hobbies include soccer, tennis, traveling and spending quality time with his wife and his 3 three now grown boys.

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